0.4mm/1.75mm Hotend Print Head Extrusion Heating Nozzle Kit for 3D Printer Part


SKU: bngd-1853340 Category: Office Equipment

Specifications Type standard high flowNozzle 0 4mmDiameter of consumables 1 75mmFeatures Excellent insulation performanceInsulation panels reduce heat transfer to radiators by up to 85 Increased structural stiffnessReliable and robust exterior construction Insulation panels have been separated from the structural part of the hot end so that the insulation is not load bearing and the walls are very thinHigher temperature operating rangeSpecially designed high temperature copper alloy does not soften at temperatures above 550 degrees Celsius Threads do not deform at high temperaturesModular suitable for almost all FFF FDM printersPackage Included 1 x Heating Nozzle Kit






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