20 In1 Neutral Density ND Filter Kit For DSLR Cokin P Set Camera Lens


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20 In1 Neutral Density ND Filter Kit For DSLR Cokin P Set Camera LensFeature Screw the adaptor ring onto your lens Slide the filter up to 3 into one of the filter holder slots Slide the filter holder on the adaptor ring until it snaps in place Same filter for all your lenses by just replacing the adaptor ringOtate slide decentre in all directions for more precision and creativityKeep the quality of your images without excessive post production workControl light and colour directly on your raw images at the time when shootingMount Lens Hood onto your filter holder by pressing on the upper and lower parts of the lens hood Suitable For Cokin P series FilterPackage included 8pcs Filter Set Third Party 1 x G ND2 Filter1 x G ND4 Filter1 x G ND8 Filter1 x G ND16 Filter1 x ND2 Filter1 x ND4 Filter1 x ND8 Filter1 x ND16 Filter1 x 4 slots Filter case9pcs Ring Adapter 1 Filter Holder 1 Square Filter Holder 1 Lens Hood Third Party 1 x 49mm Ring Adapter1 x 52mm Ring Adapter1 x 55mm Ring Adapter1 x 58mm Ring Adapter1 x 62mm Ring Adapter1 x 67mm Ring Adapter1 x 72mm Ring Adapter1 x 77mm Ring Adapter1 x 82mm Ring Adapter1 x 3 Slots Filter Holder1 x Square Filter Holder1 x Lens HoodDetail pictures


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