Creality 3D® Ender-3 Direct Extruding Mechanism Complete Extruder Nozzle Kit with Stepper Motor


SKU: bngd-1705315 Category: Office Equipment

Note The parts are 24V The 12 on the power cord refers to the universal motherboard It means that it can be used for 24v and 12v working voltage at the same time The 12v printed on the board and the 12v on the heating tube are to correspond to the connection on the main board and prevent wrong wiring The actual measured over resistance value is in line with the 24v voltage Please rest assured Features ● All metal case sturdy and wearable ● Direct extruding more precise feed in● Compatible with more filament Such as TPU PLA ABS etc ● Easy to install and use ● Suitable for Ender 3 ID 1278399 Ender 3 pro ID 1346320 ● Output voltage 24VPackage Included One Set Ender 3 Direct Extruding Kit


Creality 3D



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