DALY BMS 3S 12V 30A 40A 60A Bluetooth 485 to USB Device NTC UART Software Togther Lion LiFepo4 Battery Protection Board


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Note The first use of Smart BMS requires charging activation before it can be used For the operation steps please refer to Connect and Activate Video in the following document Manual Click here to openAttention 1 Customer need to identify the battery s series then choose the same series BMS Such as your battery is 24S you must choose 24S BMS can not choose 20 or other one The number ofseries of BMS isfixed not adjustable once the BMS is shipped out 2 The first time the smart BMS is used it needs to be charged and activated 3 BMS touch control screen and Bluetooth module can not be used at the same time choose one of the two the same interface 4 All accessories and BMS are the latest version maybe the picture has not been updated if you are concerned about the version please consult the specific situation before purchasing Description Smart BMS 3S 12V 30A 40A 60A Bluetooth 485 to USB device CAN NTC UART software togther Lion LiFepo4 Battery protection Board BMSCurrently all Smart BMS without the waterproof function This link is for 3S 12V Li ion Battery Features ◆ UART It is Daly normal product UART is Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter It transforms the data to be transmitted between serial communication and parallel communication As a chip to convert parallel input signals into serial output signals UART is usually integrated into other communication interfaces ◆ RS485 Please choose the model RS485 of Daly RS 485 adopts balanced


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