DALY Smart BMS Accessory bluetooth Module USB to UART/RS485 Cable CANbus Module Power Display Panel Touch LCD Screen


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Description Smart BMS Accessory include NTC temperature control Conventional configuration bluetooth module USB to UART cable USB to RS485 tool cable CANbus module UART RS485 Touch LCD display screen 1 UART RS485 Touch LCD display screen Can customize related icon or LOGO support 485 UART communication only some parameters can be modified 2 bluetooth module Download the correct bluetooth APP SMART BMS on your phone insert bluetooth module into match port of BMS if insert wrong it will be damaged open the APP seach the relative bluetooth s seral number then you can get data 3 Power display panel With the function of activation BMS by press button There are five lights on the board 4 yellow lights one red light each yellow light represents 25 electricity The red light represents the status light of the power display panel which is always on 4 USB to UART cable There are two types 3P and 6P 3P UART cable for BMS below 4 strings including 4 strings or below 60A including 60A and 6P UART cable for others 5 USB to RS485 tool cable Pay attention to the communication interface do not random wrong connection so as not to burn out the protection board 6 CANbus module The data transmission tool between the PC and the BMS must ensure the drive is installed normally and the line order is correct in order to communicate normally grive provided by our company 7 NTC cable As the temperature rises the resistance decreases exponentially 485 baud rate co


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