[Dual Screen] NUSITE 11.5/10.5 Inch Full Screen LCD Writing Tablet Ultrathin 2 in 1 Double Side Handwriting Drawing Note


SKU: bngd-1819928 Category: Stationery

Tips for using the writing pad 1 When the writing pad is left for a long time or not used for a long time the delete button may not be deleted Please remove the battery rub it with your fingers or clamp the positive and negative poles of the battery with a metal object for 3 5 seconds You can reactivate the battery do not reverse the front and back of the battery reinstall it into the writing board and delete it normally 2 The initial state of the handwriting pad lock button is off please confirm whether the lock button is turned on for the first use Features ★ The pressure sensitive dual screen LCD writing surfaces allows your writing or drawing to appear immediately The writing is comfortable and smooth and easy to present in the doodle ★ Use the attached super steel intergrated stylus that are smooth and duable or any other suitable instrument to write or draw even with your fingers ★ Easy operation and high efficiency just press the clear button to clear all content The lock switch prevent accidental deletion Turn it off press the erase button to quickly clear the screen★ The LCD screen has no radiation no glare eye protection safer and more comfortable working for a long time It is a significant gift for children in every festival No dust no ink Do not worry about the pens would soil child s clothes A safe and clean graffiti environment will be gave ★ Innovative double sided full screen design the positive side is monochrome screen the negative side






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