Gamesir F8 Pro Snowgon Game Controller Cooling Gamepad RGB Light Phone Holder Stand Cooling Grip Fan for IOS Android Sys


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Feature GameSir F8 Pro Snowgon redefines the phone cooler The F8 Pro Snowgon is mainly designed for solving the overheat problem during constant gaming meanwhile keeping the gamer style on your phone with its cozy handgrip With its advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology it can cool your phone down instantly once well connected It is an universal gadget compatible with any mobile device within a length of 173mm Plus with its simple wired setup and a second use as a phone holder it s a perfect amusement gadget for all usersA perfectunique integration of a phone coolera handgrip F8 Pro combines the best of a phone cooler and a handgrip for a cool controller like gaming experience Born for users at all levels Just connect power and play no APP setup saving your time effort and worry It s born for all users Cool start cool till the endInstant refrigeration With its powerful semiconductor refrigeration technology it can cool down in 1 second No freezes in games one step closer to victoryDirect fit with any mobile device within the length F8 Pro is not limited by OS You re free to share the joy of cooling with anyone around youBiaxialdurable stretch design F8 Pro can be freely stretched from both the left and right side allowing phones up to 173mm in lengthErgonomic handgrip Besides a cooling CPU a cozy handgrip is also a must in long time combats F8 Pro allows you to enjoy games more comfortably and confidently with the ergonomically shap


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