Geekcreit® DC 3.7-6V To 400KV Boost Step Up Power Module High Voltage Generator


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Feature The high voltage module uses the principle Tesla coil is made of high voltage pulse output voltage current small size high efficiency simple external circuit just plug in the switch the battery can be discharge intensity violent Specification Model MC 105Volume Length 65mm Diameter 24mm Diameter of cut surface 22mmVoltage Input DC3 7 6V output DC200 400KVCurrent Input 4A output 0 5ALength Input 10 cm or so the output is about 8 cmStructure Shell in onePolar discharge distance 1 5 cm or so beyond easy to damage Power 3 7V Li ion battery can be used single or two series such as 18650 idle cell phone batteries to remove the protection board the proposed capacity of 2000mAh or more or NiCd NiMH battery pack 4V or 6V lead acid batteries This module is a small production with high pressure science inverter transformer booster finished module the input terminal DC 3V 7 2V can get 20KV DC high voltage about 1 2 cm arc at the output can be used as high school science experiments electronic equipment negative ion generator high voltage source to use when making small science Note Avoid high pressure high voltage module load electricity use Must adjust the high voltage side suitable distance before electricity battery voltage and capacity is proportional to the distance from high voltage arcing used when testing the arc distance from short to long experiment prohibited from beyond the arc when powered up the energy can not be released


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