HGLRC & RekonFPV Rekon 4 FR HD Sub250g 180mm Zeus25 AIO F7 4S 4 Inch Freestyle FPV Racing Drone w/ Caddx Polar Vista Dig


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Introduction About the designdeveloped the Rekon 4 FR to create a sub 250g freestyle platform that gests as close as possible to a classic five inch quad And while performance was the main objective I still wanted it to be practical for everyday use A robust frame with quick swap arms that can take hard crashes and offers good component protection The option to carry light HD cameras Naked Gobro SMO Insta 360 Compatibility with a widely available battery sized 650 850mah 4S And finally have some margin towards the sub 250g goal so you do not have to worry about every gram of wire or tape you add to your build if you are choosing the frame kit instead of the BNF Why 4 inch A 4 platform can be built sub 250g pretty comfortably and you will be able to carry a relatively large battery for 4 6min of aggressive freestyle The disc load is lower than on a sub 250g 5 making it less floaty and having more momentum when you throw the quad during freestyle tricks A 4 quad can carry a naked Gobro type camera easily and without a noticeable impact on flight performance The analogue version is still sub 250 with a 25g naked Gobro and a 650mah 4S unfortunately the digital version is not since the vista adds around 14g 4 t mount props have gotten pretty mainstream and there is a decent choice and availability which is not the case for 3 5 Motorprop choiceThe motor and propeller configuration was important to achieving the desired flight characteristic


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