Huepar 903DG 12 Lines 3D Cross Line Laser Level Multifunction Green Beam Line with Remote Control for Tiles Floor



Features New green diode technology We adopt advanced technology made in Germany which is the best green laser unit in the word at present Green laser is 2 times brighter than red laser with the same light source When in the cloudy and light intensity is 14000lux environment the Huepar 903DG s visibility is 50ft Remote remote control no need to be close to the machine 360 degree horizontal line Combine flooring 360 degree With its ultra bright 360 degree horizontal green beams the 903DG Laser Level provides all around leveling coverage with and accuracy of ±1 9 of an inch at 33 feet and a maximum working range of 150 feet enabling you to work in different parts of a large room simultaneously All of which allow you to do the 360 Degree all around level transfer plumb transfer and square work indoor and outdoor all at your ease Multi function mode One button operation makes it much easier to project line s either all at once or independently whenever need be cross line vertical and 360 degree coverage horizontal Press and hold the top button for 2 seconds to activate SLOPE mode which allows you to project straight lines in any position or angle Pulse mode Full time pulse mode comes in handy by default with optimal duty cycle ratio modulated mainly for indoor applications when the tool s powered on for the first time You can easily spot the laser beams without noticing the least laser beam s power dissipation contributing to brightness visibility


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