JYETech Original DSO068 DIY Oscilloscope Kit With Digital Storage Frequency Meter ATmega64 AVR Microcontrol


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Manual Click to openIntroduction 1 In addition to the integrated circuit the vast majority of components are adopted with pin hole components reducing the operators skill requirements increasing the sense of user involvement it will have more opportunity to learn circuit theory internal characteristics etc 2 Using a modular design so that some of the functional circuit components thus highlighting the main circuit reducing the difficulty of understanding the entire scope of the circuit 3 The kit comes with detailed descriptive information including making instructions with clearly marked detailed schematic diagram complete bill of materials and clear step troubleshooting methods etc to improve the success rate of production 4 With better and higher functional performance compared with the 062 have a significant increase in the main indicators of bandwidth sensitivity recording length etc while increasing the performance of more practical USB port battery power supply 5 Operation using conductive plastic buttons rotary switch combinations make the operation more intuitive fast and reliable standardized interface the advanced functions are executed through the menu very clarity 6 The kit pre installed software upgrade program Bootloader and because of the USB interface so users do not need to add any hardware tools to carry out a program to upgrade or rewrite which will not only facilitate the users to improve performance of the oscillos


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