MAIWO K3084U3S USB3.0 4-Bays HDD / SSD Hard Drive Docking Station 2.5/3.5 Inch Solid State Drive Box


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Specifications 1 Brand Maiwo 2 Model name K3084U3S3 Product function hard disk read and write4 Hard disk interface serial port SATA 5 Output port USB3 0 interface6 Input interface USB3 0 interface7 Appearance color black8 Product material ABS plastic9 Product size 166 127 65mm10 Write speed up to 473mb S11 Operating system supports windows Linux Macintosh OS12 Hard disk specification support 2 5 3 5 inch SSD and HDD some of them are converted from m 2 msata interface to SATA interface and also support reading and writing Features 1 2 5 3 5 inch universal serial four bay hard disk base2 Both serial hard disks or hard disks converted to serial ports are applicable and support 4 hard disks to read and write simultaneously3 Online reading and writing support UASP acceleration protocol 10 minutes smart sleep function4 The maximum supported capacity of a single disk is 16tb USB3 0 interface transmission5 MAIWO K3084U3S can be used on mobile devices or desktop computers with OTG function notebook smart router TVPackage Included 1 USB3 0 4 Bays HDD SSD Hard Drive Docking Station1 Power adapter1 USB3 0 data cable1 Packing box1 Instructions1 Warranty card certificate Only the above package content other products are not included


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