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Description The newly designed MD960 has been custom designed to find the smallest nuggets but unlike other special gold prospecting prospecting detectors it can also be used for relic hunting and coin shooting Whether you use your detector in the backyard at the shoreline in the mountains or fields afar your investment will let you experience the excitement of searching for yet uncovered treasures and give you hours and years of outdoor enjoyment Come on and try it Features It combination of high sensitivity to small nuggets and its versatile function as an all purpose treasure detector Elimination reference to a metal being eliminated means that the detector will not emit a tone nor light up an indicator when a specified object passes through the search coil s detection field Discrimination When the detector emits different tones for different types of metals and when the detector eliminates certain metals we refer to this as the detector discriminating among different types of metals Discrimination an essential feature of professional metal detectors Discrimination allows the user to rubbish trash and other undesirable objects Relic A relic is an object of interest by reason of its age or its association with the past May relics are made of iron but can also be made of bronze or valuable metals Pinpointing Pinpointing is the process of finding the exact location of a buried object Long buried metals can appear to the eye exactly like the surrounding


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