Tuya Smart Zigbee3.0 Switch Module With Neutral 3gang/ Way 100V-240V Wireless Light Switch Relay Compatible Alexa Google



Description 1 This smart Tuya ZigBee3 0 module is designed with ZigBee3 0 protocol specially compatible with Tuya ZB hub to realize the whole linkage of your house a really good substitution for unstable Wi Fi ZigBee3 0 protocol with mini design suits for EU UK wall switch box and easily it into your wall switch box of your traditional switch without any influences on your original decoration style to make it smart giving your devices ultimate power on off smart makeover and convert most any compatible products to smart ones traditional switch and this smart module can work independently without interference 2 Allows for hands free voice and wireless remote control support Amazon Alexa Google Home voice control and Smart Life and Tuya App control on smart phones with special Tuya ZigBee3 0 hub required and connected 3 Considering the status of unstable network or no network ZigBee3 0 switch module is really an irreplaceable must to combine with ZB gateway to form a home LAN NO MORE WORRY about no and weak network easily get control via connected devices as long as there is stable ZB signal Allows for more devices connected via ZB than WiFi protocol 4 Take full control of connected appliances with timers schedules and countdown 1 5 30 mins 1 hour etc with Smart Life and Tuya App share control with family and friends for added convenience Notes 1 This is a ZB smart module switch that must be used under ZB gateway hub connected with ZB protocol 2 Installation must


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