XKC-Y26A 5~24V Liquid Level Sensor Water Level Detector Non Contact Liquid Level Sensor Switch Waterproof IP65


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Description XCK Y26A XXX series products are specially developed for non metallic pipeline liquid level detection This series of liquid level sensors is divided into three signal output interfaces namely high and low level output interface NPN output interface PNP output interface three models The output mode corresponds to the following three models High and low level output interface Model XKC Y26A VNPN output interface Model XKC Y26A NPNPNP output interface Model XKC Y26A PNPProduct Features 1 XCK Y26A XXX non contact liquid level sensor is suitable for all kinds of non metallic containers the outer wall of non metallic pipes without direct contact with the liquid will not be corroded by strong acids and alkalis and other corrosive liquids and will not be affected by scale or scale If other debris is affected it can be completed to detect whether there is liquid inside the container or pipeline 2 Intelligent liquid level reference adjustment and liquid level memory function liquid level status display mode can realize multi point series connection It can support high and low level output NPN PNP signal output please explain with the manufacturer when selecting 3 The detection is accurate and stable and the boiling water level can be detected 4 Pure electronic circuit structure non mechanical working mode stable performance and durability 5 High stability high sensitivity strong interference ability free from external electromagnetic inte


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